Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Past FREE Trades On Option Sell Strategy

Covered Call Ideal Result

Ideally, calls are in the money at expiration. The sold calls are assigned, you deliver the stock and earn the full profit. If the stock pays a dividend, you also collect those payments while the position is open.

Covered Call Strategy

Simply buy a stock, sell a call, collect premium (and dividend when applicable) then let it expire. You can do covered calls on stocks you already own too.  
Analysts target annualized returns of 15% – 20%. Each trade has built-in downside protection. 

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PORTFOLIO                       STOCK               ENTRY            EXIT           INVESTMENT      PROFIT

Covered Calls PortfolioGOOS2018-07-182018-08-08$61.00-$5.50-9.02%0.5
Covered Calls PortfolioTGT2018-07-182018-07-27$76.00$1.001.32%0.5
Covered Calls PortfolioTRIP2018-06-222018-07-02$54.88$1.683.06%0.5
Covered Calls PortfolioDFS2018-06-132018-07-25$74.08-$1.17-1.58%1.5
Covered Calls PortfolioTWLO2018-06-132018-07-13$58.40$1.001.71%1
Covered Calls PortfolioMU2018-05-312018-06-18$59.39$0.360.61%0.5
Covered Calls PortfolioPYPL2018-05-312018-06-22$82.25$1.251.52%0.5
Covered Calls PortfolioSTLD2018-05-232018-07-23$48.67-$0.48-0.99%2
Covered Calls PortfolioWTW2018-05-092018-05-25$67.04$1.962.92%0.5
Covered Calls PortfolioETFC2018-05-092018-06-01$61.33$1.672.72%1
Covered Calls PortfolioCSX2018-04-192018-06-01$58.76$1.242.11%1.5
Covered Calls PortfolioBBY2018-04-192018-05-18$71.10$1.401.97%1
Covered Calls PortfolioSKX2018-04-052018-07-13$37.67-$5.67-15.05%3.5

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